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>> get ready for "teen kids news." here's what's coming up. >> it's catching on in big cities and small communities, and you can do it too. >> if you're one of the millions of girls struggling with weight, you'll definitely want to hear what this teen has to say. >> some kids are encouraged to play video games in school. find out why. >> i'll have a tip that just might help you do better on your next test. >> we'll meet a family that's milking their way to success. >> i'll tell you the story behind the story of the boy who wouldn't grow up. >> that and more, next on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. >> five years ago, we told you about the big step one city took to help the environment. brandon reports that more and more communities are now taking up the cause. >> they stuff our landfills, tangle in our trees, and they kill sea birds and mammals. plastic bags -- ever year, we use and throw away millions of them. >> plastic bags are a huge litter problem throughout the world. >> we interviewed mr. bl
. >> many offices in history manhattan remain closed. new york city officials have struggled to turn power back on after hurricane sandy hit last week. >>> following an overnight plunge on wall street tokyo share prices are falling thursday morning. the key nikkei arm now currently standing at 8888. that is down 84 points, or just about 1%. investors placing sell orders on especially export-related issues. currencies, the dollar is currently being sold against the yen. worries about u.s. and european economies. the dollar/yen, 79.96-80.01. the euro/yen, 102.01-06. market players are buying the yen, it's regarded as a relatively safe asset amid pessimistic factors. those include the overnight sell-off on wall street, as well as the grim economic outlook for the eurozone which was released on wednesday. take a look at some of the asian indecks as well. australia's index, it is down .75% at 4483. >>> obama's going to spend much of his time until the end of the year trying to avoid the fiscal cliff and we spoke with rich ars katz, editor in chief of "the oriental economist report." >> 50/50 ch
of a government air strike on the city's great mosque. meanwhile, rebels say they have taken one of the two remaining government-controlled posts along the turkish border. in a rare interview, bashar al- assad was defiant. speaking to russian television, he ruled out the possibility he might go into exile. >> i am syrian. i will live and die in syria. >> assad warned the west against military intervention in the country and said such a move would have global ramifications and warned any intervention would have what he called a domino effect. meanwhile, syrian opposition politicians are meeting in the qatari capital to try to form a unified group. the opposition is under pressure from the west to create a government in waiting that would be ready to take over if and when assad is no longer in control. >> i am sure we shall find the best solution to create a leadership which can face challenges. >> the group is likely to be dominated by the syrian national council. it has just elected a new secretariat, around 1/circassia of home are islamists. >> onto business news now. german engineering gi
to the wounded l.a. elud city. it's impossible now. i could not pack up and leave. i know they need me. i see terrible wounds every day. >> nowadays, improvised connex are all that many syrian doctors have. an estimated two-thirds of the hospitals have been damaged in the conflict and many have shut their doors completely. medics from the clinic to drive out to treat the wounded in a private car. the doctors asked reporters not true. other locations. in not to reveal the location. they do not want a government air strike. this conflict has been a crash course in where madison. >> we were not used to these kinds of massive war wounds before. now, after more than a year-and- a-half in practice, we are experts in the field. >> the clinic is largely sponsored by one rebel businessman. more and more like a are cropping up in the north with no shortage of patients to treat. >> next week, germany will decide on their next steps in afghanistan according to the defense minister visiting the war-torn country. >> of germany has nearly 5000 troops stationed in afghanistan as part of the u.s.-led nato coa
city. it has a variety of newspapers and magazines. many publications include satirical cartoons. some devote an entire page to these popular sketches. he has drawn cartoons for more than 20 years. >> translator: i have drawn the voices of people, what they want, how they feel. without democracy we were all suppressed and oppressed so i draw for democracy. >> reporter: he drew this cartoon during the military regime. it shows inmates talking about how they ended up in jail. >> i was jailed because i was caught gambling. >> his crime was the most serious. he fooled a blind woman in a card game. >> reporter: he likened the citizens to bryan uma. the previous government as a criminal that cheated the public. >> we love our president. >> reporter: things are changing since the president was sworn in. publication sensorship was abolished. ham brings his now cartoons to a weekly newspaper publisher. the editor in chief chooses one. it shows a legislature about to leave home but his wife says he won't be able to fulfill his responsibilities without knowing about the lives of ordinary people.
city was she not allowed to take pictures. that is where she realized the power of the cleric's -- clerics. >> the thing that really impressed me and for which i was really grateful was the visit to the holy city because it kind of with the way the rose colored glasses. it was quite impressive for me there. i saw who was really in power. >> some of the photographs may not be technically perfect, but they -- but she has succeeded in capturing the subtle ways in which runyon's of many backgrounds rebel against the moral constraints of iran's religious authorities -- capturing the subtle ways in which the iranians of many backgrounds rebel against the moral constraints of iran's religious authorities. >> the position i will spurt has been empty since the firing last month of the coach and commercial manager of the team. coming up this evening, it may be just a friendly, but when it comes to germany playing the netherlands, it is serious business. >> the our troubles will be facing off in amsterdam, and with much of the germans out because of injury, the coach is trying to serious
-r hotel in hamburg, she ditched the hustle and bustle of the big city and returned to her roots where she has opened up from small hotel. >> when i saw this place, i just know i had to come back. i was on maternity leave and i had spent the summer out here. my first break away from work. i said, this is it. let's go. >> business at the hotel is up where she runs a staff of four. hers is a blueprint for success common to many of to printers in eastern germany. -- want to print your -- entrepreneurs in eastern germany. >> be used to be dead. lots of people came. we turned it around. a lot of the locals come here to talk and hang out, have a cup of coffee or beer. they're happy that we're here. >> consulting agencies have popped up all across eastern germany, like this one, at home in brandenburg. they help compatriot settled back in. the new east germans are giving the region a much needed makeover. clucks of this kind of brain and is immensely rewarding for the region. -- brain gain is rewarding. the have learned new languages and it is putting a whole new perspective on this. >> have a we
city as well as domestic affairs. >> xi jinping's pather was a vice premier, so xi became part of china's informal princeling network. princelings gain power by taking advantage of their parents and status and ties to influential fingers. but xi didn't have it easy. authorities ousted his father and jailed him during the cultural revolution. xi was forced to work in the countryside as a teenager. he went to a prestigious university in beijing from 1975 to 1979. and then he spent the next quarter century holding down key positions in the communist party and the government in shanghai and two other provinces. xi gained domestic and international prominence in 2007. he skipped the stage of politburo member and went straight into the politburo's standing committee. xi's wife is a well-known figure in her own right. peng liyuan is a popular singer in the troupe belonging to the people's liberation army. analysts say her star status and support from the military has helped xi's career. xi has spent the last couple of years cementing his position as successor to president hu jintao. he visited
. they have been sister cities for 17 years. he met with the suao mayor and representatives of the fishing cooperative. >> translator: there are various disputes over the senkaku islands between japan and taiwan. i believe our two communities can resolve the issues one by one. >> he said he hopes to resolve the dispute. fishing boats from suao entered japanese waters off the islands in september. they're protesting japan's decision to national lies the islands. official from japan and taiwan began talks on fishing in the area 16 years ago. the talks have been suspended for more than three and a half years. people in northern japan are dealing with stormy weather, strong gusts are causing disruptions there. maya shoji explains. >> northern japan and the western flank of japan are dealing with rough weather. they're being hammer the with strong gusts and lots of precipitation over much of the country and down towards kumamoto we found gusts of 80 kilometers per hour that has been reported in the past 24 hours. here in around tokyo region the prefecture has actually has a report of record-bre
without problem. >> people in the northern japanese city of sapporo celebrated the release of this year's vintage at midnight. >> translator: i reserved a month ago and i've been looking forward to it ever since. i'm going to buy a lot. >> wine patients say this year's vintage has a fine, fruity flavor that appeals to japanese tastes. >>> crowds gathered in osaka department store this week to catch a glimpse of one young visitor. minami is no ordinary girl. she's the latest in interactive robots. she can move just like the rest of us thanks to sensors inside. >> translator: the way she speaks it's so real, i can't believe she's a robot. it's startling. >> 70% of the world's industrial robots are japanese inventions. but some robotmakers believe their creations should look anything but industrial. >> hi. >> hello. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. welcome. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you again. another doctor. he had the original identity, i'm a copy of him. >> reporter: hiroshi on the faculty for osaka university is among eight geniuses who will change
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10